by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday


I am convinced than that the miracle and beauty of a successful, meaningful life is rooted in the wealth and health of our deepest connections, and not, as so pervasively promoted, in the depth of our wallets.

Belonging trumps buying. Knowing we matter, in the lives of even a few, trumps the power of possessions – no matter how valuable, admired, plentiful, powerful, or envied the possessions may be. Knowing we love others and knowing we are loved by others, even a handful of people, provides security, fulfillment, trust and encouragement that no amount of power can successfully demand and no amount of money can buy.

This is the miracle.

And it (the miracle) has nothing to do with wealth, status, or the common understanding of what it means to have power, yet it offers it all. It unleashes an arsenal of goodness and almost unlimited healing power to be at the disposal of those who seek it least – for those who seek it least, can apparently, handle it most.

PS: One magnificent evening at Church of the Good Shepherd (“COGS”) Sean Dooley said this: “If all you have is money you are truly poor” and this sentiment and truth has reverberated within me and formed a basis for many of my decisions since. Thank you, Sean Dooley.

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