What do you want?

by Rod Smith

Powerful living, enduring relationships, significant work, and finding meaningful community, all begins within the individual.

It’s birthed in the very complex connections within each person’s mind, soul, and spirit.

It is within this deep place that each of us must answer the most essential question: “What do you want?” Until this question is faced and answered it is impossible to enjoy and life and find the relationships, community, and career we desire.

When each of us answers this holy question for ourselves and, although the answer will shift and change over time, the answer becomes a grid upon which we build our lives.

When this question is answered (and it can be answered in fewer than 20 words) it becomes a vision and then when we face choices that do not fit within the vision, those choices fall away. Choices that do fit within the vision of what we want and those that move us towards our greater goals become all that more appealing.

This is intentional living, and it is the antithesis of selfishness.

People who are doing what they really want to do and become the people they really want to become are transformed into the most selfless people of all.

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