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August 16, 2018

You described my husband to a T

by Rod Smith

“I had to respond to your article about Dangerous Men. This is my husband to a T, although he has not been overly violent.  I have never felt afraid. This manifested itself about four years ago, out of the blue, and I was taken completely by surprise. We are pensioners now but looking back, he has been all of those things you have described, controlling, and manipulative, family hater. I was too busy working, bringing up the kids, to let it bother me. I was never allowed any close friends and what friends I did manage to hold on to have all now left South Africa and there is just the two of us. I am glad to learn that I am not alone in such a situation, but sad really that I have never been able to reach my full potential having definitely been ‘kept down’ all these years. There is no question of leaving him now at our ages, so I will just have to try to grin and bear it.  When he does start performing I try to walk away and ignore him.”

How ever many years you have left, live large and stay out of control. It’s never too late to find your voice. Thanks for the letter.