The Art of Living Well

by Rod Smith

Quick fixes to life’s problems annoy me.

The Art of Living Well is a process. It’s a life-long process. It’s a journey of joy and some sadness and many struggles.

Its challenges pivot on being willing to embrace and understand the unavoidable juxtaposition of the Beauty and the Brutality of life simultaneously occurring for most people.

And yet, there are some simple (not easy) things that we can all do that will immediately enhance the journey, make it even more meaningful, more beautiful and rewarding, despite the inevitable dilemmas that are served up most days.

· Take full responsibility for yourself – blame no one for anything at all, find your role in whatever you face – and your journey will be enhanced.

· Choose generosity at every possibility – and your joy will increase.

· Define yourself and refuse to define others (even those whom you truly love) and the respect you gain will be an immediate reward.

· Forgive everyone everything without exception – I never said it would be easy – and you will feel freedom come pouring into your life.

• Surrender control, let the natural process of living have its way – and see that much in life can be really trusted.

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