Doormat to respect?

by Rod Smith

Do you want to move from any semblance of being a doormat to greater fullness as a respected person?

• Learn to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no and try to not let them get mixed up.

• Know that it is acceptable and even essential to know how to say “no” to even the people we are closest to even if they are not accustomed to hearing it.

• Learn that you are in charge of yourself and in charge of your own calendar and daily activities even if you are someone’s wife or husband.

• Know that you were not destined to be a victim for any reason and that victim thinking will keep you in victim mode.

• Learn to identify the moments of success and courage you have already enjoyed and place yourself in similar circumstances so you can get lots of practice at what you are good at.

• Know that you can cope when others are unhappy with you and are displeased with your newfound attempts to advocate for yourself.

• Learn how to increase your ability to allow those whom you love to experience the worthwhile pain that comes with growth, your growth.

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