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May 15, 2018


by Rod Smith

What do teachers seek in learners (students)? 

Young men and women who display:

  • Academic integrity which is expressed to the minutest detail in presented work.
  • The ability to tell the truth, express kindness, and display empathy towards adults and peers alike.
  • Curiosity and the willingness to engage in hard work that goes beyond minimal requirements.
  • Respectful playfulness, and the willingness to engage in the unique and blessed exchange between teacher and learner.
  • Willingness, courage, and the wisdom to self-advocate without alienating others in the process.

What does a student (learner) seek in a teacher?

Men and women who display:

  • A love of their subject, a passion for the school, and steadfast commitment to their learners.
  • Kindness and firmness toward students that is free of sentimentality.
  • An understanding of how the world works and a willingness to share that understanding with learners when it’s appropriate.
  • Empathy and compassion for those who are less motivated or who have academic challenges.
  • Instruction and conversations that are free of sarcasm and ridicule.