What do you want?

by Rod Smith

Have you ever spent time really assessing what you want? I believe What do you want? is the holiest questions we each must answer.

I hear people saying they want to be happy and useful do something meaningful with their lives and travel and teach English in an Asian country or pack fish in Alaska or write a best selling novel or, and, or…….. and on it goes.

It is the rare to find people who plan the detail and implement what they need to do to enjoy the life they say they want.

They live as if being who they really want to be and doing what they really want to do will happen by accident.

It won’t.

In relation to what you want:

  • It’s not too late. It might be too late for some things but you probably can find a parallel dream or activity that snuggles in with the one you feel you may have missed.
  • You can only legitimately want for yourself. Wanting for others make make you feel good but it is a waste of wanting and energy. Others, even your children, have want for themselves. Many parents will tell you they want their children to be happy. Your child’s happiness is his or her load but he or she is more likely to be happy if you are.
  • To want and to want deeply is not selfish. There’s no freer and happier person than the one who is doing what he or she really wants and none is as selfish as he or she who is not.

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