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April 24, 2018

Warmed, encouraged

by Rod Smith

My heart is warmed. Last week I responded to a letter a woman wrote about her depression. She said she could not afford a psychologist or any other appropriate medical help. The simplicity of her letter moved me to publish her letter unedited and the depth of her cry clearly touched many Mercury readers. The column was published on Thursday. I tried, from this distance, to offer some keys and insight into depression. I underscored the necessity of being part of a close community of supportive friends.

By Saturday I had eight or nine emails from mental health professionals, family of mental health professionals, and other related referrals all from the greater Durban area.

Professionals offered vastly reduced rates or pro-bono services for the reader.

Thank you. Thank you so much. My hope is that the writer of the original plea will select a source of help from the emails and get the kind of help she needs.

As a writer I am deeply encouraged by the grace of the readers of this column and thankful for the ongoing support I have known for many years.

Kindly note it has become necessary to switch email addresses. Here’s the new one: The “122” is simply the street number of our home.