by Rod Smith

The Mercury – Your columnist’s daily challenge…… / Wednesday

I face the daily joy and daily challenge of trying to be in person who I am on paper (in your paper) – and, of course, the other way around, too. I like to think that we are on this journey together.

(Almost) every day I strive for:

Self-definition – the courage to tell the world who I am and who I am not. The “world”, more specifically refers to those with whom I am closest, like immediate family, and closest friends. The more intimate the relationship AND the greater the ability for self-definition, the greater are the rewards. Failure to self-define in my closest relationships compromises my ability to do so with a broader community.

Growing in integrity – this is the willingness to bring myself into greater oneness and tackles my wellness where it starts – within. Integrity, of course, is a one-way street – I do what I can to integrate my life so I am what I am with all people.

Inviting grace into every area of my life – this is the willingness to grow in the areas of forgiving others for their wrongs against me (real or perceived) and to seek forgiveness from others where I have hurt or deceived others. It is to be generous to others (especially those who appear not to deserve it) and to allow others vast space for error and failure.

I shall be in Curitiba Brazil for the first week of April. Please email me if you’d like to meet.

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