by Rod Smith

I’ve long held the belief and seen repeatedly that life is both beautiful and brutal. The news, while more frequently focused on the brutal, is also full of examples of beauty.

Perhaps where the beauty is most apparent and it’s brutality is toughest to bare, is where I see the brutality of life working its path in my sons’ lives:

·      This weekend I attended an event called “One hundred Men Who Cook” and watched the gathered crowd gather up over a quarter of a million dollars for a chosen charity. Beautiful.

·      This weekend I watched interviews with families who lost sons and daughters in a school massacre in Florida. Brutal.

·      On Sunday I talked to my brother and sister about matters we each find important. Beautiful.

·      My older boy is reeling in the wake of unexpected news from a far-off place (brutal) and I watched his younger brother comfort him as only a brother can (beautiful).

·      When I really am missing South Africa I sometimes will download a sermon from a church I have heard of and find some comfort. This weekend I heard Elliot Sonjica of Hilton Christian Fellowship preach about the role of the deacon. Beautiful.

May there be an imbalance in your life – where the beauty outdoes the brutality by a really large margin.

2 Comments to “Beautiful/brutal”

  1. So enjoy your posts Rod. Our family is walking through a particularly difficult time of loving and caring for my husband who is terminally ill … am seeing the pain and the beauty, the latter far outweighing the agony.


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