Guiding idioms…..

by Rod Smith

Monkey’s wedding; buite blink; binne stink; and boer maak a plan are terms I frequently use around here. Here being the Midwest of the USA and about as far removed from where those terms originate as possible. Life is beautiful; life is brutal I coined quite some time ago when I saw the principle working in my sons’ lives. Don’t carry your fish in a violin case echoes in my head from my dad:

  • Monkey’s Wedding – the sun is shining and it’s raining. The metaphor is obvious.
  • Buite blink; binne stink (Afrikaans for if the outside shines the inside is probably rotting) – a person who puts excessive energy and focus on outer appearance is probably attempting to conceal a stinking interior.
  • Boer maak a plan (Afrikaans for a farmer will find a way to make it work) – no matter how dire a situation there’s a plan or a compromise available.
  • Life is beautiful; life is brutal – like the proverbial horse and carriage, the beauty of human experience seems inextricably attached to the brutality life also offers.
  • Don’t carry your fish in a violin case – flee pretentiousness at all cost.

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