The week that just ended…..

by Rod Smith

I confess. This week has not been my easiest week in a long time. I have found myself being edgy, reactive, and a little more sarcastic than usual. I have had to try and tame my sharp-edged tongue my entire life.

As I reflect to gain some perspective, I look for my responses (or reactions) to what’s going on around me and try to see how what is going on around me may be different from our well-traveled family routine.

My blame-meter is up. I want to look for the ways life seems to be coming at me, targeting me, gunning for me. It feels as if there’d be some reward to being a victim. I could, if I wanted, see the glaring imperfections in my younger son’s public high school (he’s of 3800 students) and his day begins at 7:18am! This makes for a daily trek beginning at 6:20am for both of us.

“First world problems,” I tell myself. “Grow up,” I tell myself. “Read some of your own columns,” I persist.

Then, with some distance attained, some injection of humour, and a little time with my peers and my community, I brace myself, and ready myself for a great and fruitful and restful weekend.

Join me, please.

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