Letter to my child

by Rod Smith

The Mercury – Thursday

Every successful person was once your age. The scientists you have read about, the writers whose books you have studied, the artists whose work you have admired in the galleries of our city, the dancers you have seen perform, and the athletes you watch on TV – all of them, every last one of them, was once your age. 

The men and women who are our friends – the people who visit our home and whose homes we visit for meals and for important days in our year, like Christmas and New Year – are successful people. They are lawyers, teachers, artists, psychologists, preachers, university professors, pilots, and accountants. They too, were all once your age.

Nothing, my dear child, nothing and no one can hinder your imagination for your great future, but you. 

My hope for you is that you will take a concerted look around you and see that according to your talents and developing skills, interests, and loves, that the only hurdle toward achieving your dreams is you. 

Some will try to stop you, even in the name of love. Don’t allow it.

Imagine your great and unfolding life my child – and I am here to give you all the love and support of which I am capable.

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