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June 24, 2017

I wish I was more like Rod Smith

by Rod Smith

It’s well known that actress and movie star Cindy Crawford said she wished she looked like Cindy Crawford. Her comment was in response to seeing the digitally edited posters of herself. I love her honesty. Reading this some time ago, really struck me.

There’s many a day when I wish I looked more like Rod Smith.

While I am certainly motivated to practice what I write and live my message with my family, friends, clients, readers, and colleagues, there are days that I fail at some of the most fundamental things I teach and promote. When this truth seeps into my awareness – sometimes denial blocks it for a few days – I wish I looked more like Rod Smith.

But, I pick myself up, and I dust myself off. I look at myself squarely in a mirror. I try to assess what’s going on, not in terms of immediate, obvious behavior, but in the depths of my thinking, in the recesses of my life where shame plays hide and seek, and where motives collide. I examine my heart, the seat of my emotions, and pass what I find through my head. This usually gets me back on track to being more and more like the person I really want to be.