New Leaders

by Rod Smith

Things new and authentic leaders are really good at: 

• Joining a community. Taking time to listen to what the community is and is not saying before acting. This can take weeks or months or even years – especially in churches or schools.

• Holding onto his self or her self (I have used two separate words intentionally) when there exists the potential or the presence for unexpected challenge or conflict. Every community will test a new leader in a manner similar to how children will test a new teacher.

• Apologizing when it is necessary and doing so as close to the event as possible and in the presence of the group or the team the precipitating event or problem occurred.

• Refusing to be delayed, derailed, or debilitated by innocent errors.

• Visiting the research or looking for the principles or outlining the standards or the expectations as a base for taking action or determining policy or making or acting on decisions. The authentic leader finds what’s already written rather than acts on a whim or gut response.

• Collaboration with a variety of necessary key players in order to have the organization be community-driven or led rather than driven by select personalities.

• Separating anxious personalities or issues from the humans who are playing temporary hosts.

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