by Rod Smith

Today hundreds of millions of citizens and residents of the USA will be home, or have found their way home, to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Many families will volunteer at a church or a community center before their own lunch or early dinner to serve the poor and often homeless a wholesome meal. Others will hike in a state park or do the family rounds of visiting relatives or play football in the back yard until they sit to eat the traditional meal of turkey and a variety of side dishes.

The conversations will range from politics to sport to the untrustworthiness of the media. Lodged within the conversations will be shades of unresolved conflict between spouses, siblings, and stuff that surfaces year after year and show families that living in different cities or on opposite coasts has its rewards.

My sons and I will have a quiet morning – perhaps I will throw together their favorite breakfast – and then we’ll head off just a few blocks north of our home to Durban-born Nolan Smith’s house.

And, before we eat we will pray and remember the goodness of God, the pain that so many, many people endure on these landmark holidays and be grateful, very grateful for who and what we do have.

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