Precursors to an affair

by Rod Smith

An affair doesn’t just happen. There are thoughts, behaviors, and shifts in habits that are indicators one is brewing. Here are a few precursors. Take heed. There’s no affair powerful enough to make it good and right to hurt your spouse or your children. If you really don’t want your marriage there are more civilized ways to go about exiting a marriage. An affair is the ultimate insult both to your spouse and to the person you use, surely unwittingly, as your exit strategy:

You are covering your tracks and not truthful about where you are and who you are with. You are spending more and more time with a specific person under the guise of having to complete work or secure a deal. Time with this co-worker or new friend seems to fly by and you feel rejuvenated having had the time together – your shared experience is reminiscent of how you felt when you first spent time with your spouse. Although the friendship is open and honest you cannot include your spouse in the friendship and there are times you feel guilty about the fact that it exists. You really want to be with this person and your family feels like a hindrance to your happiness.

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