Emotionally well humans

by Rod Smith

The emotionally healthy human

Makes decisions about his or her behavior based on internal principals that are established long before a decision has to be made. When faced with a moral dilemma the decision is already made.

Is deeply connected to family and to friends but is also able to function independently of family and friends when necessary. When necessary he or she can make very unpopular but necessary decisions.

Secures routine time alone: time to think, plan, read, and time to pray. He or she is comfortable with being alone and with necessary silence. Quietness and aloneness is a necessary ally and not an enemy to be warded off at all costs.

Is quick to forgive most things but is willing to trust differently in the future. He or she understands that forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting although there are times when it will.

Is as comfortable around wealth and status as he or she is around want and poverty – he or she adores or abhors neither. He or she is comfortable with his or he status in life.

Appears to be internally driven rather than externally steered. This can appear as arrogance to those who are tossed and turned by trends and fashions.

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