How he treats his mother….

by Rod Smith

My mother would say you could tell everything about a man from the condition of his shoes.

I admit this did not make too much difference to me when I was a boy and I pay little attention to my shoes even now – although I do have polish and brush on hand and do the necessary almost daily.

I am sure that she’d agree there were a few other indications of impeccable integrity and fine character apart from a good spit and polish.

Want to know about a man?

Watch how he treats people who serve him – like waiters in a restaurant or the porter in a hotel. Watch his behavior when he’s trying to impress others – when he’s showing off a little; watch what he chooses to show off about. Watch how he responds when things don’t go his way – when he doesn’t get that airline upgrade or his meal isn’t exactly as he ordered it. Listen to what he finds funny, to the jokes he tells, to the gossip he spreads.

Get a little closer and watch how he treats his mother.

You can tell everything about a man (and a boy) if you watch and listen to how he treats and speaks to his mother.

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