Designing a life worth sharing

by Rod Smith

Try to be the most generous person you know.

Surely you want to be?

I do.

This is not about possessing abundant resources but it is about being generous with what you do have.

If your life lacks joy you might find, on closer examination, that you’ve been unnecessarily tightfisted.

Meanness is draining. It’s shortsighted.

A lack of joy can be annoying got people who think of themselves “powerful” and entitled to be happy.

Try to be the kindest person you know.

Surely you want to be?

I do.

This is about leveraging opportunities for others and seeking the highest possible good for all within your sphere of influence.

Little is as wearisome as the continual need to negotiate with unkind people – especially if they are in positions of influence.

Don’t be one of them.

I am trying not to be.

Try to be the lowest-maintenance person you know.

I want to be.

This is not about accommodating poor treatment. It is about dropping any sense of entitlement and demanding behavior. Being entitled and demanding denies such a person an experience of authentic community.

It’s hard to let a bully in.

Don’t be one.

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