It is not about the car……

by Rod Smith

“I am 30. I have been with my boyfriend for 13 years. We have four children and are not married. For some reason I have stayed. My boyfriend acts like he has a problem with commitment. Every time I ask he says it will happen. He has such a nasty attitude. He recently started a new job but he hasn’t had a job in two years. Every time I say I can’t do this anymore he says all I want to do is run back to my mother. I woke up one morning to take kids to school and the car was gone. I thought the car was stolen. I’m getting dressed and he pops up and tells me he took a loan out on the car and they came and got the car. Do you agree when I say it is time for him to be a man on his own? I’m leaving. We don’t have a car and I have to walk my children to school because of his stupidity.” (Edited)

This is not about a car, your mother, or love. It takes two people to become this entangled and irresponsible. Do what is right and courageous for your four children before they repeat this destructive, sad pattern.

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