A person who loves you will…..

by Rod Smith

not intentionally embarrass you in private or in public

do all he or she can to avoid scornful comments, hurtful humor, and sarcasm

listen attentively to you even if he/she has heard what you are saying many times

stand up for you when you are right

stand up to you when you are not right

refuse to be a pushover

not offer you blind or unquestioned support. He or she knows that unquestioned support is a form of idiocy and no indication of love. Love invites questioning and dialogue

be unafraid to ask you tough questions

not try to cut you off from your community of family and friends

not tell you how to dress, speak, think, or feel

give you regular, uninterrupted, opportunities for eye-to-eye contact so you have time to each reflect upon your lives. This is time without phones, television, radio, music, pagers, computers, or children invading the holy territory between you

regard both your unshared and your shared private lives with absolute respect

expect and encourage you to have a life outside of the life you share.

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