He’s too lazy to do anything about his weight…….

by Rod Smith

“My husband and I have an amazing relationship but one thing irritates me. When we met he was in shape and very active. Over the years he has put on weight and lost his good body through lack of exercise and drinking beer. I’m a health freak and in good shape. I go to the gym every day and only eat healthy food. It annoys me that I’ve stayed the same physically since we met but he has changed physically. I have done everything in my power to encourage him. I get myself so worked up that we end up fighting. The issue can’t get resolved because he is too lazy to do something about it. I’ve told him honestly as we communicate very well. It’s driving me crazy. I often think that maybe the problem lies with me. Why must I look good and yet he can let himself go? Please help.”

Mind your own business so he can mind his....

While you continue to mind his business he will not lose weight. He has the weight, but you have his problem. People are (fortunately) sufficiently free to dig their graves with their teeth (Charles Finney) and drown themselves in beer – such is the majesty of human freedom. Of course I know it is not easy to stand back and watch someone whom you love walk toward slow self-destruction – but while you even lovingly “interfere” the gravity of what is being done will not hit home. “Hands off, mouth shut,” will be a good motto to attempt to embrace. I will believe you “communicate very well” when both of you get this!

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