Nothing I do pleases him……

by Rod Smith

“I have been married 15 years (second marriage) and already had five children. I met my husband after I had an injury from a car accident, which left me disabled. I’m paralyzed from neck down. I got a settlement from the accident. He has no time for me and gives no financial help. So I am broke. He earns lots of money while I keep getting into debt. If he is upset he withholds money. I feel hatred from him. He works all the time. We are an inconvenience. He can’t hurt me more. He won’t leave and our house is the house I had before I met him. I am afraid of him. He has hit kids and said, ‘You should be the one I am hitting.’ I feel like nothing I do will please him. I do not know what to do.” (Edited)

Nothing will change until you emerge from being a victim and DO something. Where is the biological father? What is he doing? If your husband is working all the time why are you not working the phone to recruit the help you need to get out of this horrible trap? Recruit your community and family. All of you, including your husband, sound so miserable and the sooner you do something radical about it, the better it will be for you all.

2 Comments to “Nothing I do pleases him……”

  1. I believe it is not the fault of the person who is being abused. Everyone says why not just leave. It is not that easy. How about instead of blaming the victim as your doing, give her some real help? Like telling her it isn’t her fault that her husband is abusive and try to get him some help instead. It is obvious to me that he is using money as power. SO wouldn’t that mean that HE is the one with the problem and not her?

  2. I totally agree with Jenna Stone. This man is abusive to this lady who has a disability. Shame on him!! She is in a position that she needs help and support. To be on the phone to try to fix this problem can be difficult and exhausting with her condition. Also, you’d think family and friends want to help but, unfortunately, they do not. American can be a wonderful country to live in but we’re so spoiled and blessed that we take so much for granted. One of those things are the people we should be helping. I hope you can help this lady out of this situation.

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