We want to help my single-mother-sister with a financial gift….

by Rod Smith

READER: My sister is going through a hard time with her job and her children (14 and 15). My husband and I were thinking of offering her some financial help. She is a single mother and has always prided herself on doing whatever it takes to get what she needs for her children. I do not want to offend her in any way but we would like to help. Not having any children of our own and having two incomes places us in a position where we can afford to help. Do you think our helping her will be a problem for our relationships in the future?

ROD’S RESPONSE: Pure generosity (no strings, hooks, secret agendas, or hidden motives) is enriching for both the she who gives, and she who receives. Go ahead. I’d suggest you arrange a private lunch with your sister and slip her a card in which you have placed your generous cheque or a bundle of cash. Write something like, “Please accept this gift. All you have to do in return is enjoy it!”

One Comment to “We want to help my single-mother-sister with a financial gift….”

  1. Rod’s advice is excellent! Many times when we need help we won’t ask for it or even outwardly accept it. This is a great plan, one which will help your sister and at the same time not damage her pride.

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