My son (12) is so lethargic at school……

by Rod Smith

My child (12) has become less and less interested in school over the past few months. He is lethargic and you’d think school was the worst place on Earth to have to go. He has always loved school and I don’t want him to become totally disengaged. Could it be the onset of puberty that is causing him to be so different than he was but a few months ago?

Yes. It could be the result of some of the physical changes he is, and will continue to face, as a young man. Do not allow this to be your way of excusing his lack of interest in school. Address his lethargy with him face-to-face in the most loving and kind way you are capable. Talk with him about the attitudinal changes you have noticed, but offer him no excuse for the adaptations he will have to make in order to stay on top of his academic pursuits. Your son, if he is to be a success, will have to adjust to a lot more in his life than the onset of puberty. As confusing as this time may be for him, offering it to him as an excuse to be lazy will only add to his confusions. If his lethargy persists, take him to your pediatrician for a check-up.

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