What power do you have over people close to you?

by Rod Smith

Please write, I'm reading...

Please write, I'm reading...

There are some things a person simply cannot do for another person, despite love and commitment. This does not mean that two people cannot work together towards shared goals.

It is impossible to make another person:

1. Be happy. Be fulfilled. Become angry. Change. Succeed. Fail.
2. Love, want, need, or miss you. Be glad to see you. Love, want, need, miss, or be glad to see someone else.
3. Trust you.
4. See, feel or think in a certain manner for an enduring period. Most people are willing to “sell out” their minds, ideas and dreams for the sake of romance, but this (“selling out” your mind) does not usually last for very long.
5. See the light, or get some sense into their heads.
6. Lose or gain weight, save or spend money, want or not want sex.
7. Use, or stop using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes or bad language.

As far as other people’s relationships are concerned, it’s impossible to keep people apart who want to be together, and keep together, those who want to be apart. Embracing such goals is likely to have the opposite effect. People feel closer when their relationships are threatened and tend to resist relationships when coerced by others.

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