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August 6, 2006

Reader writes about his approach to his girlfriend’s flirting… (inclusion does not necessarily suggest agreement)…

by Rod Smith

When I addressed flirting at parties, I had no idea I’d be bombarded with so many letters. I’ve edited this letter but a very little.

Here’s an interesting approach used by a reader:

“I have a girlfriend with a strong tendency to flirt with guys on social occasions. I made comments and received a reply that it is necessary for her to feel desired and that was the reason for it. I understood from this that her flirting would not be resolved by talking. As I am quite good at flirting myself, I have used every chance to flirt with women and ‘use my charms’ when my girlfriend was with me. After a few weeks she went almost mad. I am much more successful than her at flirting and she saw that the women actually reacted to my remarks. I cannot remember whether I’ve noticed her flirting again at all. I think she got the point. I think the best method to use is to let someone know the rules in a relationship are mutual and that you also can do the same as she does – probably better than she can. If the partner defies your views on flirting, then do the same and let him/her feel on his/her skin what you usually feel on those occasions.”