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June 18, 2012

Guidelines for all new relationships

by Rod Smith
  1. The clearer you are in the beginning, when you first meet, the less you will have to clarify when the relationship attains necessary traction.
  2. If you move slowly, clarifying perceptions and listening to the perceptions of others, you will lessen your own pain or disappointment and when things don’t develop as you may initially want. Few relationships, if any, work exactly as we’d like.
  3. If you understand that most people are deeper and more complex than they first appear, and you understand that this is also true for you, it is more likely that you will modify your expectations of others and be a little easier to relate to yourself. People who find others difficult are usually difficult.
  4. If you enter all relationships with care and caution you are unlikely avoid glaring inconsistencies in another. You are more likely to establish healthy boundaries and expectations. Relationships are often ruined, not only because things move too quickly but also because people are often so desperate for meaningful relationships that glaring red flags are denied or ignored.
  5. It is inevitable that the unresolved issues of past relationships will surface in any new relationship. Don’t torment Joe for what happened with Jim.