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July 20, 2010

“He’s over weight” column (yesterday) provokes interesting responses…..

by Rod Smith

Yesterday’s column provoked interesting responses. Here are two:

Some emotional disconnection will be helpful.....

“I would suggest ‘happily married for 16 of 20 years’ ask her husband to increase his life insurance policy so that when he dies prematurely of weight related issues she will have enough to live comfortably with her next spouse. She can make a deal with him to never mention his weight again once he has updated the life insurance policy and then playfully encourage him to eat more. Beyond that, I would hope she continues to stay in great shape with ambitious plans to enjoy her middle age years and beyond, with or without her overweight husband.” (Steve Reynolds)

Come out of hiding...

Take full responsibility only for your own life.....

“So often there is a deep desire in relationships for the other to somehow comply with demands/desires. When we realise that we are ultimately each responsible for our own happiness and have to get on with living the best life we can, things are easier and cleaner. When we take responsibility for our own lives there is less possibility of manipulation. If the woman’s husband wants to enter an early grave she has no control over this. She has to grieve her losses, fall in love with herself again and move on. He may follow suit, he may not.” (Ali)