by Rod Smith

Monday / Family Systems 

MAY 1, 2023


  • A “new” way of thinking – well, not really. There are many ways in which you are already a seasoned and expert in systemic thinking. Do you drive? Ever thought of how complex an International Airport is?
  • Linear Thinking or Systemic Thinking 
  • Non-Living Systems / Living Systems / The Body of Christ. 1Co 12:12 The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body.


  • Time to focus on SELF and to get focus off OTHERS – you are a PERSON – become an expert in YOUR behavior, The People you love will probably survive without your intense focus but they might sizzle (or fry) from it.  
  • Jesus had a thorough self-knowledge and understood His relationships and was never taken off guard by others. Jesus Perfected the art of DIFFERENTIATION OF SELF – engage the life-long process to do the same.  


  • Family or Origin – size and position matters.
  • You are part of a NETWORK of RELATIONSHIPS – it is called a FAMILY and you are part of a GET to know  yourself WITHIN that system.
  • Why I love Bowen Theory and Family Systems  – there are at least 5 reasons, maybe more.

Your DAY 1 challenges:

  • Name relationships where you could do with more space (freedom, room to move) – be careful now.
  • Name relationships where you could do with more intimacy, more feedback, closeness– be careful now. 
  • Name the people whose behavior you are an expert in at the expense of focusing on your behavior. 
  • Has anything taught today caused you to experience some pain or sadness – are you willing to name those areas to someone important to you?      

I am I

You are You

We are We

Let Us not ConFuse

The Three

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  1. Love this

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