Reader requests marketing handout

by Rod Smith

A mental health professional in South Africa requests an “old” column for his marketing kit……. what a joy to share this:

Therapy is most helpful when….

  1. It is self-initiated and no one is “sending” you to therapy.
  2. You are motivated to see change in your life and understand that it could mean an increase in your discomfort and some disruption to your relationships.
  3. You are willing to recognize your sacred cows even if you are initially unwilling to lead them to the slaughterhouse.
  4. You read widely about ordinary people who have done extraordinary things with their lives.
  5. You are willing to see the fruitlessness of blaming others (parents, boss, your ex, the economy, and politicians) for what you are facing.
  6. You are willing to shift your focus off the behavior of others and be fully responsible for your own behavior.
  7. You are willing to understand that others can only entangle (trap, manipulate, bother) you to the degree you allow.
  8. You understand your therapist is a person just like you – but for his or her training. Elevating your therapist will prove to be unhelpful to you and it will obstruct the very process you wish to assist you.
  9. You understand that all desired and healthy growth requires some loss, pain, and grief.
  10. Your goal is to grow up and to fully live your own life – no matter what your age.

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