Are you an addict?

by Rod Smith

If you are living with children and living and living with an addiction (here’s an inconclusive but  quick way to tell: you have lost a job, an important relationship, or status in a community, because of it – if one of the three is true you are most likely an addict) please get the treatment you need for the disease. Your addiction not only impacts and impairs you and your behaviors but it will do its damage also on your children, no matter how skilled you may think you are at hiding your disease or habit from them.

Your children are “soaking up” the atmosphere in your home. The tensions and the anxieties that come to the family with your addiction, your disease, but it is provoking severe dis-ease (lack of ease) for your children. A sad part of this ramification – and there are many – is that to the children living and growing in this environment, it is their normal. One day they are highly likely to repeat the addictive cycle with their own families. 

Help is near and available to all who seek it. Being clean, finding sobriety, kicking the habit, always involves a series of tough and painful choices but the results can be transforming to say the least, for you and for all who love you, especially your children.

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