Do you give High Fives to your loved ones?

by Rod Smith

What I mean by giving you a “high five.”

I will endeavor to seek your Highest Good in my actions toward you. This may result in moments that you doubt my decisions but I’ll always be ready to discuss the counter-intuitive Nature of Love.

I will speak about you and to you offering you the Highest Praise and Affirmations as I see them. I shall endeavor to be accurate when talking to and about you. 

As best as I am able I will think Highest Thoughts about you and give you the benefit of any doubts. If given reason or cause to question your honesty or integrity I shall speak to you face-to-face and to none other unless it is absolutely necessary. Even then, I’ll keep you appropriately informed.

While it is your divine right and no gift from me I will endorse and support your Highest Degree of Personal  Freedoms to live as fully and powerfully as possible with or without my involvement.

In the hurly-burly and busyness of daily life rest assured that I have the Highest Desire a Parent (a spouse, an in-law, a grandparent, an Uncle, an Aunt – no connection intentionally omitted) can know for your success and greatness, which, counter-intuitively may look nothing at all like what is commonly believed to be success and greatness.

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