Reader responds with Something Beautiful

by Rod Smith

Dear Rod

In your column yesterday 17 January 2023 you encouraged your readers to write something beautiful. 

I did not write this. My daughter, Kate, did years ago when she was a teenager. She wrote me a letter on Mothers’ Day. 

This excerpt is taken from that letter.

“ In King Lear, Cordelia, the king’s daughter, remained silent while her sisters lied as they flattered their father, just to get land and power out of him.

When he asked how much she loved him ( and she was his favourite ) she didn’t say a word as she felt she could not heave her heart into her mouth. This is exactly how I feel about you. I’m just giving you this gift as a token of my appreciation for all that you’ve ever done for me and continue to do, and hope with all my heart that you can understand how much I love you.”


I read this letter annually before I tuck it into the front of my new diary. It lifts my soul and reminds me what a gift love is; to give and to receive.

Thank you again for your wonderful column.

Kind regards

Dawn Rice

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