by Rod Smith

There are fundamental truths about all relationships. Here are 5 of many;

  • Patterns are set in place extremely early in all relationships. Don’t begin or initiate things that you’re unlikely to be able to continue.
  • The person who wants the relationship the most is likely to become the most needy person in the relationship. If it’s not mutual and equal from the outset it will not gain those qualities over time. Are you sure you want to continue this way?
  • Whoever works the hardest at the beginning of a relationship sets in motion an expectation for the other person (or people) in the relationship to not have to work as much. Are you sure you want this imbalance? It could go on for many years. 
  • Things are unlikely to change or improve just because you hope they will. All healthy relationships take work from all parties. It’s “pie in the sky” to think things will get better if you get married, or build a new house, or have a few children. Things don’t improve without a plan and without the free and shared commitment of all concerned.
  • People form relationships out of a some hidden historical backdrop no matter how honest or transparent a person may be. We all will all bring our unfinished business into our current relationships, no exceptions.

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