Last Mercury column of 2021

by Rod Smith

May 2021, despite its challenges, losses, griefs, depart with our appreciation so we can roll out the red carpet of grace to welcome 2022.    

If today you had a meal, took a walk, even if it was a few steps, may you be filled with gratitude. 

You are rich!

If you have a place to live, a space to call your own, or you live with people who have offered you hospitality, may you be filled with gratitude and joy.

You are wealthy! 

If you have talked with kind people today and been able to return kindness and enjoy shared humor, may you wallow, yes, wallow, in the profound grace you have been afforded. 

If you have been able to earn your living today or are benefitting from a career from which you have retired or living off the benefits of the hard work of a spouse or parent then give thanks and dance for joy. 

Please, please, be ardently aware there are no self-made people. If, and while, you and I think of ourselves as “self-made” we will ooze arrogance and selfishness and prove to make 2022 not only difficult for those who love us but also difficult for ourselves.

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