by Rod Smith

Anxious times call us to non-anxious living. 

You are going to tell me that’s easier said than done.

I have to agree with you. It is nonetheless true.

Anxious reacting to anxious times will escalate anxiety, ratcheting things to greater and greater degrees of unreasonableness. Force will meet greater force, worry stirs more worry, and before you know it things get way out of hand and out of control.

“The soft answer turns away wrath,” says the writer of the book of Proverbs.

“Anxiety is more contagious than the common cold,” declares Ed Friedman in his life-changing book “Failure of Nerve.”

If anxiety doesn’t stop with you it will sweep you up and take you with it.

You (and I) do not have to be bowled over by our own or the anxiety of those around us.

Be slow. Take it easy. Be considerate – think things through, pace yourself, monitor your levels of anxiety. Bring it down through having an eye for gratitude and the voice – the soft answer – to express it.

Expressing thanks is no trick. 

Expressing thanks for who you are, what you have, who you have in your life will center you and highlight the things of greater importance than trying to outrun the waves of anxiety breaking all around.

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