Serendipitous joy

by Rod Smith

I love the way life on occasions taps me on the shoulder with moments of serendipitous joy.

Yesterday I was editing pages of a book about my childrens’ early days, reflecting on their lives as newborns, and thinking about how small they were at birth and how fragile everything seemed. 

Then a message popped up on my computer screen. 

“Do you have accommodation – three nights – for a woman traveling through your city?” 

“Here for adoption,” the caption included.

I checked the calendar and responded. 

“Thank you. Be there in an hour.” 

I had no idea who I would meet and what the circumstances would be when an out-of-state vehicle pulled up into the reserved parking space for our hospitality house.

I greeted my guest and added, “The adoption part of your message confused me.” 

She smiled, opened the side door of a vehicle and showed me her baby born four days ago. 

“We’re new parents, I have to wait for some paperwork to be completed before I can cross state lines with our daughter. I’m so glad your place is open for these few days.”

Hauling a portable crib not only took me back a few years, it gave me an enormous boost of encouragement. 

Encouragement I really needed.

One Comment to “Serendipitous joy”

  1. Amazing. Did this just happen?!

    Amy Maddy

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