Do you need help?

by Rod Smith

Keep in mind the loose criteria for an addiction. 

It may help you to avoid some considerable pain and expense.

If it, whatever it is, alcohol, gambling, drugs, sexual activity, has caused you to lose your job, it is an addiction. If it has caused you to lose status in a community, lose face among people whom you value, it is an addiction. Seek help. 

If it, whatever it is, has caused you to lose an important relationship, it is an addiction. Even if it threatens your most important relationships and none has been lost, it’s an addiction. Get the help you may not think you need. 

If abstaining from it, whatever it is, causes you physical symptoms like cravings, headaches, bad moods, irrational behaviors, it is an addiction. This activity or substance is driving you and you are no longer in control of your own life. Get the help you need. 

If any of the above is true and present in your life, it’s likely that your life is slowly (or rapidly) spinning out of control. This it, whatever it is, is bigger than you, it’s in the driver seat of your life, no matter how much you think differently.

Humble yourself before life does it for you and get the help you probably don’t think you need. 

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