Boring? I don’t think so

by Rod Smith

If you take a close look you will see humanity is fabulous and people are extraordinary. Alone and together we are wildly capable, creative, generous, and kind. We can accomplish the most amazing feats of creativity and courage and can complete goals of heroic proportions. 

Don’t believe me? Look around you and look at your life. There is nothing normal or usual or boring about you! 

Indeed, that may not be how you see yourself or others and we have all encountered the classic bore. But, when people consider themselves or others to be boring, usual, normal or unexceptional it is the result of having given up, thrown in the towel, opting for paths of least resistance. The classic bore lacks a few interpersonal skills. 

But, you are still here. You are still fighting on. You have time to recover!

The “crime” I encounter quite often in clients is a refusal to employ or discover or use all of their talents. I see multi talented men and women who have ignored, even squandered, two-thirds of their talents and potential. They appear too tired, lazy, or indifferent to fire up what is latent and fully loaded within. 

If there is anything within us that will render us normal or usual or boring it is this.

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