Emotionally healthy people

by Rod Smith

Emotionally healthy people display many of the following strengths: 

They seem able to achieve their personal goals and keep strong relationships. They maintain individuality while embracing others. They don’t get “lost” in love or friendship. They love without invading or possessing. They resist telling others what others need, think, feel, or should do. 

Healthy people avoid siding with some against others. They recognize and refuse to participate in all forms of bullying (subtle and gross). They resist being manipulated into rescuing others, knowing it is usually unhelpful. They spend zero time or energy winning approval or maneuvering in relationships in order to feel loved or to feel powerful.

They appreciate differences in people, seeing no person as “all good” or “all bad.” They can defend their well-considered positions and beliefs without being rigid or defensive. They are open to change, are clear-headed under pressure, and can cope with difficulties without falling apart. They can keep their voice under pressure without confusing thinking and feeling.

They know that emotional health and well-being is not set in stone and can vary from day to day. Therefore, they allow themselves and others room for not-so-good days. On not-so-good days they are aware of the need to be cautious, to do no harm, and to avoid making decisions with lasting impact.  

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