Others – how we treat others

by Rod Smith

How we treat one another on this planet is of vital importance. 

While we are indeed powerless over much, we are at least somewhat powerful when it comes to our own behavior. 

Improving the quality of human exchange begins with each of us. 

How we regard and respect others exposes (declares) who we are, not who “they” are. 

Our behavior, vocabulary, small-talk, laughter, rage, about whatever issues we face with others are reflections on who we are. Our responses to others reveals our character, our spirituality. It reveals nothing whatsoever about others and everything about us, no matter how we may try to frame it. 

It’s a responsibility we cannot hand off to another.   

You and I may not occupy some high and powerful office but it is clear – if you give it a close look – those who do occupy high and powerful offices don’t seem to treat others very well. It’s a rare political leader who uses his or her power for good, although, thankfully, there have been some.

Acceptance, respect, friendliness, clarity, and the willingness to listen, coming naturally from each of us are powerful agents of positive change in all of our human encounters. They do help to make the world into a better place. 

More importantly, they make us into better people. 

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