Know your power and your lack of it

by Rod Smith

You (we) are powerful over much. 

You (we) are powerless over much more. 

Knowing when, where, and how you are powerful, and when, where, and how you are powerless will save you a lot of energy, money, grief, and perhaps even add years to your life.  

You have power over:

  • How much you allow others to influence you.
  • The depths of forgiveness to operate as currency in your life – for others and self. 
  • Who you trust and mistrust despite what others may do with your trust. 
  • How much risk and adventure you are willing to embrace, how much you say “yes” and “let’s” or “no” and “let’s not.”
  • The quality and effectiveness of your personal boundaries.

You are powerless over: 

  • The choices other adults make even if you have been permitted to express your opinions over their choices.
  • Anyone’s addiction to drugs, money, sex, gambling, work, pornography, whatever.
  • The integrity of another to keep them faithful or honest or kind. 
  • Relationships of which you are not a part – your child and his/her other parent, your spouse and his/her parents, your child and his/her partner.

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