Evaluate your wellness in trying times

by Rod Smith

You are able to get some distance in order to gain perspective when things annoy you, be these annoyances consequential or inconsequential. You take a step back, you evaluate, you try to see the larger context of what is getting under your skin. This allows you to respond in creative, kind, and helpful ways and to minimize potential damage. 

You have recognized that immediate reactions, knee-jerk behaviors on your part are seldom helpful and quite often harmful to yourself and to others. Do not harm continues to be your mantra.

You have not lost your sense of humor even if it means an inner-chuckle that might be unwise to share with anyone. As serious as times are, you can still see the funny side of some events. That you can identify humor does not make you heartless to the suffering of others. You are careful with this because you are aware that some people are experiencing profound and enduring loss. 

You have private goals with which you are engaged and you are seeing some rewarding progress.

You know that emotional wellness does not mean wellness all the time. You know how to give yourself a break and even have a bad day on occasion.

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