Effective Leadership

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

Effective leadership, like surfing, is an art.

While no surfer, I have known and observed many and have often concluded that surfing too, is an art.

While there are techniques, skills, things wise and unwise in both, both are sophisticated art forms.

My observation may be laughable given your proximity to the ocean and I’d be happy to hear if I am wrong.

I do know surfers “read” the weather, the water, and the resultant cumulative conditions. I know surfers “read” each other and obey an intricate set of unspoken mutual expectations and are particularly aware when a novice paddles by.

And, they love it all!

The artful leader is the same.

The artful leader loves leadership concepts and learning about leadership, loves people and empowering others.

He or she loves the process of leading and is acutely aware of the “weather” and the “water” of the organization and the experience or lack of it of those whom they lead.

The artful leader is primarily committed to self-leadership knowing that without such awareness he or she is – excuse the cheap continuation of the comparison – sunk.

[I will be in KZN and available from March 7 to March 12, 2020 to speak at your school, church, fundraiser, or event – please email me if you are interested.]

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