Lies to girls and young women

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

Lies to girls and young women – sometimes overt, mostly covert……

It has been my joy to interact with female audiences in several nations. Despite diverse cultures and languages, these messages, these lies, remain strong and consistent. They are even sometimes promoted as Biblical. Perhaps saddest, with the discovery of personal faith, young women seem to expect God to be the ultimate male who makes similar demands:

• Your body is more important than your brain. Don’t be, or appear to be, more educated than a man who wants you.

• Men don’t want women who are more educated than they are.

• Everyone you meet is more important than you are. You are born to serve others, especially men (and – in some cultures- their mothers).

• Once a man loves you, you give up yourself for your husband and your children. The “half” you are will be made whole when a man marries you. If you don’t marry you’ll never be complete.

• Your greatest calling is to be a wife and a mother. Other (foolish) ambitions will compromise serving your husband and your mothering.

• Your only worthwhile ideas pertain to cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Leave thinking about sciences, technology, and mathematics to males.

• If you suffer in silence God will reward you. Suffering comes with being a woman.

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