Response to yesterday’s column

by Rod Smith

“I have been married for many years and husband has recently become a cell phone addict. He watches series, movies, YouTube videos. I do what keeps me smiling. I am passionate about: education, health, and wellness. I teach, I keep fit, I do voluntary work and socialize with wise people who I can learn from so I can impart knowledge. I strive to be the best version of myself by being absolutely sincere and caring by giving to all those who need comforting, love and care. I am sad for my children who will not see their dad as a role model to look up to. Your articles inspire me tremendously. Anonymous”

Thank you for your honesty. Your letter reflects your inner-resolve to not allow what has captured your husband to also derail you. This is part of your process of “differentiation of self” and I commend you for it. You express no contempt for your husband and for this too, I commend you. I am reminded of James Framo, a renowned family therapist who commented in a training video, “When a person gives up expecting much from life he falls in love with things.” Let’s hope your husband will escape the prison of the small screen and join you in your beautiful journey.

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