You are already more healthy than you may feel or think you are…..

by Rod Smith

If you read this and you retain any comprehension of its contents and if you detect a smidgen of desire for greater emotional health, there are things I know about you.

No matter how confused you may feel or how complex your relationships or how “down” your deepest lows or “bad” your worst mistakes and choices have been, there are aspects of your life that are already healthy, successful, and highly functional. And, if you work at it, I know things can improve for you.

How do I know?

You are reading this! You’ve gotten this far in your life. To get to here, now, you have had to have had many successes along the way. To be able to open the paper and read you have already struggled and succeeded at so many challenges. You have already had to forge ahead and make your mark when others would have preferred you to do otherwise.

Identify your strengths and skills that delivered you to this point in your life (yes, make a list) and you will see your golden keys already within you for a better, greater future. Go ahead, accept your weaknesses but give them very little attention. Work on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Your arsenal of inner strengths and resolve will deliver you into the land of greater promise.

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