by Rod Smith

Over the years I have had pleasure of being in your newspaper I have collected hundreds of emails. Thus, I have gathered themes about: broken hearts, troubled families, angry people in workplaces, schools and churches that disappoint, and men and women who have a propensity to control and monitor others (in the name of love, of course).

I know my responses sound simple, even trite. I am also aware of how hard some of the things I suggest are to implement.

But, wellness doesn’t come easy.

Things will improve (no matter how emotionally well or unwell you may be) if you:

  • Get your focus off what others and monitor your own behavior. This is called minding your own business.
  • Evict the victim you have become from your head and from your heart and assess where and how you have cooperated in where your life has landed. Begin to do something about it.
  • Forgive others as deeply as you know how even if they don’t deserve it. It’s good for you.
  • Connect or reconnect with your blood family in appropriate ways. The disconnection (except in rare circumstances) will continue to erode your wellness.
  • Stay out of control – remember, love and control cannot co-exist in the same relationship.

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